Last minute wedding photography in London

Casual and informal London wedding photography at Hixter Bankside!

Wayne La

Talk about late booking!  Felicia got in touch with me three days before their wedding at London’s Hixter Bankside.

The restaurant is known for its modern take on British cuisine, but the venue itself is perfect for events, from the spacious restaurant to the cosy, warmly lit basement bar. However, all those niceties don’t mean a jot without the people – you may have guessed by now that my take on documentary wedding photography is all about the people – and led by the warmth and grace of David and Felicia, everybody just went with the occasion and created a flow of conversation, laughter and pure moments.

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I’m Wayne La and I’m an unobtrusive wedding photographer.  As a visual storyteller, I seek moments over still life; interactions over stillness.  I’d love to hear from you.