A London Wedding

Unobtrusive documentary wedding photography at Dulwich College.

Wayne La

A local one for me, being a South London lad.  It’s just jaunt down the high street barbers where Simon was buffing up then back to the house to see how Lucy and the girls are doing, then over to Dulwich College to see them get married.  I took some pictures along the way.r Bankside.

We wanted our big day to be reflective of our eclectic personalities and give a gentle nod to our personal history together. It’s a blend of the traditional affair with some modern touches, centred around the city that we both grew up in, fell in love with each other in and that we will have the most incredible view over on the day. We hope that all our guests enjoy it as much as we intend to and that it gives us a great start to married life, with wonderful memories we can look back on as we move forward with a new chapter, together.

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I’m Wayne La and I’m an unobtrusive wedding photographer.  As a visual storyteller, I seek moments over still life; interactions over stillness.  I’d love to hear from you.