Documentary Wedding Photographer

“Your wedding is a gathering of loved ones.  Often they’re friends from afar and relatives scattered wide but all deeply cherished – all there to celebrate with you.  I’d love to document it all: Love, life, laughter – all those precious human connections that you’ll want to remember.”

 Hello and welcome.  I’m Wayne La, an award-winning London wedding photographer with a unique, natural, unposed documentary wedding photography approach. For UK and destination weddings.

I Say

I absolutely love weddings – not because of grand venues, or grander gestures.  Nope, I love weddings because magic happens when people gather. People: The connections, the relationships, the individual quirks that they bring – all that good stuff magnified under a terrific occasion that is your wedding day. I seek compelling moments in frames; from the nuanced and complex, to the simple but elegant, looking beyond the obvious because I believe it’s the parts of the day that you missed, that you’ll want to remember most.

You Say

You’re a creative and carefree couple who sees your wedding as a celebration of love – with the people you love.  You want pictures that reflect you – free from wedding clichés, formulas and templates.  You want to relax, be yourselves and enjoy your day knowing you’re going to get timeless photos full of authentic, unscripted moments.

Rather than idealised, you want real life; rather than sanitised, you want warts and all.  Not literally of course, but you do want natural wedding photos that make your heart sing…and then shout louder as time goes by.  You view your big day as a celebration of life at a wedding, rather than a showcase of pretty things. You want reportage wedding photography that reflects you.  You and your loved ones – not wedding trends and templates and filters.  You want a timeless reminder of how it felt on the day, not just how it looked.

They Say

“Hi Wayne, THANK YOU!!! The photos absolutely represent the spirit of the day and are exactly what we were hoping for! We feel so lucky that we found you and that your whole approach was the perfect match for us.  Your ability to frame documentary-style photos on the fly so perfectly has blown our minds!” – Fay and Andy

“Oh Wayne…We truly love them. They completely reflect our day…a beautiful, hilarious celebration of love laughter and friendship.” -Nancy and Sean

“The photos have arrived! And of course, we absolutely love them!!! You’ve really captured the spirit of the day and all the moments that made it special. We can’t stop looking at them – there’s just so much to see in every photo, and the longer we look at them, the more there is to see! The compositions are just genius. We had such a fun day, and I’m just delighted that we’ve got these photos to remember it by – we’re so lucky we found you.” – Cat and Haak


Say Hello

You’re spontaneous, in-the-moment, creative and you want something a little different from the norm. You value real moments: that there are possibilities for amusing and serendipitous to go with the extraordinarily beautiful, because you know a great song isn’t just a rousing chorus, or a fairy-tale isn’t full of Cinderellas! I’d love to hear from you if this sounds like your cup of tea. I’m based near London and Surrey and can be contacted at +44 7480 254 230 or

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