It’s kind of like documentary wedding photography.

Wedding reportage, wedding photojournalism or whatever it’s called.  What you’ve been looking for is an authentic voice to tell your story, a voice uncompromising in giving you art from real moments and real emotions. You see, I have this absurd notion that wedding photography shouldn’t be a mess of cliches and gimmicks; that photos of your wedding day should be of interest to people who don’t care for weddings; that when you look at your pictures in the distant future, they make you feel, and they become more meaningful as time passes by.

I’d love to hear from you if you think so too.

The Wedding Portfolio

All moments.  Unposed, authentic and timeless.



Observed, not orchestrated

Because real moments can’t be recreated.  They’re spontaneous, fragile, and disappear in a blink of an eye or a photographer’s flash. Being unobtrusive means I quietly observe, allowing those moments to flourish to give you images of the most precious moments that you remember, and those that you missed.

Beyond the obvious

Where the big emotions are captured with warmth, humour and wit; and where the ordinary moments are treated exactly the same.  It’s the moments you miss, that you’ll miss. I look for inklings of humour, for irony, the subtle – the little moments that help weave those grand occasions into the fabric of your wedding day.

Relevant and Timeless

Because it’s authentic: The emotions; The here and now; The people – their connections and interactions.  Details and decorations set the scene but the most precious memories are created you and your loved ones.  There’s beauty and longevity in the human comedy and the tragedy that transcends fads and fashions.

Hello, I’m Wayne La

Thanks for stopping by

I hope you’ve had a chance to look at some of my work. I absolutely love weddings – not because of grand venues, or decorations and I’m not really into shoes that much. You two lovebirds are bloody important, as are the folks that you’ve chosen to be with you on your special day. Nope, I love weddings because magic happens when people gather. People – the connections, the relationships, the individual quirks that they bring, all that good stuff magnified under a terrific occasion that is your wedding day. I’ve heard it described as wedding documentary, or reportage, or wedding photojournalism.  It’s just my observational approach to storytelling using considered compositions, thoughtful timing and a touch of humour.  I’m based in Caterham which is just outside London but you’ll find me all over the UK and beyond.

Kind Words

“Dammit Wayne, the photos are so good. Everytime I check it out, I find something new, and it’s like the personality of our friends and family were captured perfectly. This is really special to us and our family. I don’t know what else to say really.”

– Tas and Amy

Kind Words

“Completely recommend Wayne. We now have such a fabulous record of our wedding day. He is so creative and brilliant – we are thrilled with the results. All really natural, unposed photos – and lovely examples of interesting angles, lighting,  Totally recommend him”

– Felicia and David

Say Hello

Feel free to contact me about anything, really.  But if you’re enquiring about a specific date then don’t forget the important details if you have them: Whom, where and when is a great start!

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