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Relaxed, unposed documentary wedding photography.  Here’s why we could be a great match:

1.Your wedding is more than a dress or a pair of shoes

It’s about you and yours, and all that quirkiness that make your wedding day unique.  It’s less about the stuff and all about the people.

2.You want to relax and have fun

…not be told what to do; Where to turn your head; To move closer to the window light.  Your wedding means it’s your day and not a fashion shoot.  Be silly or serious but just be yourself.

3.You know great wedding photography doesn't have to be 'weddingy'

I think I made that word up but you get my drift.  Your pictures should be timeless and evoke a feeling.  They should be about a moment, a story, an emotion, rather than a clichéd list on Pinterest.  Great wedding photography is just great photography, full stop.

4.You know moments are everything...

…and everything is a moment.  Sort of.  It’s not just about the crescendoes of happiness.  Weddings often throw up a range of sad, happy, awkward, heartfelt, and the darn right funny.  You embrace it all.

5.You want a photographer that gets it

After close to 200 weddings and numerous awards, I get it.  I get the demands that are placed upon me.  Your wedding is important and you expect my attitude to reflect that, before, on the day, and after.  Just because you want a relaxed style of photography doesn’t mean I should be relaxed.  I know that the best moments are when you’re completely at ease, and the trust you place in me plays a huge part of that.

Documentary wedding photography.  Includes recommended lifetime allowance of authentic moments infused with instances of joy, jubilation and a touch of poignancy.  100% guaranteed to be free from cliché. Made in London, distributed worldwide.

I’ll stop right there, but do take a look at my portfolio before you go!

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Thanks for stopping by and I hope you’ve had a chance to look at some of my work. I absolutely love weddings. It’s not because of grand venues or the dress or decorations and I’m not really into shoes that much. You two lovebirds are bloody important, as are the folks that you’ve chosen to be with you on your special day. Nope, I love weddings because magic happens when people gather. People – the connections, the relationships, the individual quirks that they bring, all that good stuff magnified under a terrific occasion that is your wedding day. I’ve heard it described as wedding documentary, or reportage, or wedding photojournalism.  It’s just my observational approach to storytelling using considered compositions, thoughtful timing and a touch of humour.  I’m based in Caterham which is just outside London but you’ll find me all over the UK and beyond.  Read more about me here.
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